Perez Hilton vs. Will I Am

Last night, Perez Hilton decided to Tweet 911 in response to reportedly getting beat up by Will I Am:

Will I Am immediately recorded his version of what happened, basically saying that Perez is a liar and he never laid hands on him.

Has there ever been a bigger drama queen than Perez Hilton? Apparently he took notes from Chris Crocker when he decided to record this personal statement about what happened.

1. Did you really just refer to Will I Am as an intimidating thug?
2. Why are you trying to throw Will I Am's name under a bus when you said yourself that it was Will I Am's manager who hit you?
3. You thought Will I Am and co. might have guns as they followed you back to the hotel that they were also staying at??
4. Why is Perez Hilton calling people faggots?? He is such a hypocrite.

Seriously, Perez. Quit with all the attention whoring already.


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