You Know You Are Lame If...(The Air Yeezy Edition)

1. ...you camped outside of a store for 6 days just so you can buy a pair. It's NEVER that deep!

2. ...you were actually able to camp outside of a store for several days, meaning that you have no job, yet were willing to pay $215 for a pair of gym shoes...which means you are now probably broke.

3. ...you decided not to wait in these ridiculous lines and went and got some "exclusive" Air Yeezy's that haven't been released yet (and will probably never be) from a random Japanese website. "Exclusive" is just another word for "fake", sweetheart.


Anonymous said...

Tell 'em MissBlaze!!! i continue to think it is beyond igorant for us blk folk to waste away our pay checks on material shit. There is nothing wrong with looking nice but do we have to spend every dime and run credit cards up trying to do it?? NO!!!!! Never! please stop! and become just as passionate about something productive and uplifting for the community!

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