Amber Rose Now Looks Like Marvin the Martian

Amber Rose really is living the video hoe dream! She recently signed a modeling contract with Ford. It appears her and Kanye are back on. And now she's even bossy enough to dye her hair some sort of green color and still look fly! Keep living the dream, Amber!

Spotted @ Bossip


A. Red said...

I guess she took being Kanye's Glowstick in the literal sense. I usually love her style but this one is too murch for me. I'm not mad at her though. She took Roni's hoe quotes to use in real life, " YOU GOTTA USE WHAT YOU GOT TO GET WHAT YOU WANT." lol

so_jentastic said...

^^LMAO!! I love it. "Roni hoe quotes"

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