Chris Brown Pulls a Rihanna and Tatts Someone Up

In fact...Chris Brown tattooed the same guy Rihanna tattooed!

After Bang Bang pimped Chris’s forearm earlier in the week, the “No Air” star agreed to return the favor by putting a cartoon face on Bang Bang’s leg with the word “Bang” above it. “He drew it,” Bang Bang told OK!, “It’s pretty funny. I told him, ‘Do whatever you want’, and he drew something and I liked it. “He did a great job too. He’s a natural, which is funny because I said the same thing about Rihanna. She was really good the first time, but he was better.”

And in order not to get in the same trouble as they did when Rihanna illegally tatted people up:

“We took a ride in a car to a different state so that he wouldn’t get in trouble,” said Bang Bang. “We drove for a couple of hours to do a five minute tattoo.”

Chris Brown and Rihanna stay trying to one up each other! That is...if they're not secretly dating. Hmmm



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