Drake's "Best I Ever Had" Video

Drake (or maybe Kanye) sure does like girls with big ( ^ )( ^ ). Lol. Too bad they can't act. It's a cool video...it had it's funny moments. Nothing too memorable though...well at least from a girl's point of view. Based on reactions posted on Twitter, guys are really loving this video, though (surprise surprise). But the overall opinion of it seems to be negative...which I don't necessarily understand.

This video really isn't any different from any other rap video that has random video girls bouncing around for no reason at all. So should it be applauded? No. But at the same time, is it worth all this hate? Not at all. It's just one of those take it or leave it videos.

I remember Drake saying his original idea for the video was to show the ladies love but then Kanye came up with this version. I love Kanye, but I'm thinking maybe Drake should've stuck to his original vision.

What do you think of Drake's new video?


scorpiofasho said...

When dey put dat D on u take it like the champions you are! Take dat D!!! LMFAO Dat ish was great but cmon Drizzy, Oliver, 40, all yall!!! Yeezy ain't do da song any justice wit da video. I mean da girls are a good look all day but da song touches errbody on a deeper level ya feel me!!! I think I speak for all of us fans in requesting a reshoot of the video!!! Please and we really will thank you later!!!

Anonymous said...

I was really excited about seeing the video before i knew the concept of it. After viewing the vid. its str8 but ima lady and i would prefered for Drake to be more serious about "The best he ever had". Shoot me, im still lookin for the best i ever had...maybe i need to create some bball teams and see who comes out on top to be my best!!!

MizzBlaze said...

The song is about his favorite chick that he likes to bang, I'm not exactly sure why people would think a serious video would be needed for that. But I'm w/ u on creating some basketball teams! Lol

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