The Men Rihanna Tatted Up Speaks

“We were all just hanging out, joking, laughing,” East Side Ink co-owner Yadira tells OK!. “Bang Bang decided that he wanted a tattoo from her.”

So he drew up a design — a simple umbrella with a swirly “R” under it — which was then transferred onto his lower leg. Rihanna, who had never tattooed anyone before, then went over the design with the needle.

Then two other artists, Josh Lord and Patrick Conlon, decided they wanted some Rihanna body art too, so they each got tatts, which were numbered “2″ and “3″ by the songstress in the order they were completed.

“We were all talking a laughing the whole time,” says Yadira. “Joking that she was a pro now… She was so sweet, easy-going, down to earth.”

It took RiRi about about 15 minutes to complete each tattoo, and she eventually left East Side around 11pm.

And, he adds, she did a pretty decent job. “It’s a pretty nerve-wracking thing to do your first time. We were amazed how well she kept her cool… By the third one, she was good.”

Though he did admit that Rihanna got progressively better as she practiced.

“[Bang Bang] went first. And let’s put it this way, each one was better than the last,” he said, adding, “I’d hire her. If her career doesn’t work out, she’s got a back-up.”

TMZ is reporting that Rihanna could be "slapped with three misdemeanors for the offense, each with its own hefty penalty -- as much as $300 for the first offense, $500 for the second and $1,000 for the third." Well...hope she had fun!



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