The Bluest Eye? Woman Gets Operation to Turn Brown Eyes Blue

A British woman paid £5,000 ($7,129.63 USD) for an operation to turn her brown eyes blue...instead she almost ended up going blind.

Shenise Farrell, a single mother, traveled all the way to Panama to receive an operation that involves inserting a colored contact lens inside the eye and over the iris. The procedure is not even licensed in Europe.

"The procedure was unpleasant and painful. I screamed out at one point. But it was over within ten minutes and I was taken back to my hotel with just some eye drops and told to buy my own painkillers."

After experiencing blurred vision and painful sensitivity to light for the next twelve days, Farrell finally had to have the implants removed...meaning after all that, she still has brown eyes.

Well...I guess it's not only the Americans who have their priorities all messed up. Hey lady, go read Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye and get a clue.


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