The Highs, Lows, and WTFs of the 2009 MTV VMAs


1. The Michael Jackson Tribute: Madonna's speech was great. She kept it real. The dancing was good (except for that one guy messing up the "Smooth Criminal" lean). And of course Janet Jackson. It was touching to see her dancing to "Scream" with Michael dancing in the background.

2. All the performances: Taylor Swift's ride on the subway was pretty cool. Plus I kind of like her song, "You Belong With Me". Loved Green Day's crowd participation. Beyonce broke "Single Ladies" down with 25 backup dancers. Muse is a great band. Pink really took performing live to new heights (ha!). Who knew she had trapeze skills?? Jay-Z and Alicia Keys killed "Empire State of Mind". And of course I can't forget my favorite performance of the night...see below...

3. Lady Gaga's performance: Lady Gaga is a terrific performer. She sang live and sounded great. The choreography was good. She played the piano like a mad man (no pun intended). And most importantly, she brought the theatrics and drama. And if you didn't understand her performance, you might wanna check out her "Paparazzi" video and then you might get it.

New Moon trailer premier: Yessss! If that trailer doesn't convince you that you need to go see New Moon on November 20th, I don't know what will!

Lady Gaga winning Best New Artist. I can't think of anyone who was more deserving of that award. Sorry, Drake.

Beyonce giving Taylor Swift her moment: Definitely a classy move on Beyonce's behalf.


1. Kanye West and Amber Rose on the red carpet: Dear Kanye, never show up on a red carpet drinking Hennessy. This was not the Source Awards. You are embarrassing us Black folks. Dear Amber, never wear that sh*t again. Your boobs are too big. Thanks!

Russell Brand: Russel Brand is a different kind of funny...and I don't think it's the kind that is suited for hosting a live show. He didn't get too many laughs tonight. I think MTV should just ditch having a host for the VMAs because they usually disappoint.

3. Kanye West's temper tantrum: Kanye snatched the mic out of America's sweetheart, Taylor Swift, as she gave her acceptance speech for the Best Female Video award because he thought Beyonce deserved the award. I love Kanye and I usually think his outbursts are humorous, but not this one. It was just rude and disrespectful. He later apologized on his blog but still...do better, Kanye.

4. Tracy Morgan and Eminem's skits: They just weren't funny.


Kanye West's temper tantrum: See above. Also...I know he had to feel stupid when Beyonce ended up winning Video of the Year, the biggest award of the night.

2. Lady Gaga's outfits: Anyone who keeps up with Lady Gaga knows she is always rocking some crazy fit so I wasn't surprised that she took it to another level for the VMAs.

Lil Mama crashing Jay-Z's performance: So many things to say...but I think this picture pretty much sums it up. And you would think if you plan on crashing a high profile performance you would at least make sure you look fly...and not like you went to TJ Maxx and pieced an outfit together. SMH.

Is there any high, low, WTF moment that you think I should have included in this list? Please feel free to share!


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