Mike Posner's "One Foot Out The Door" Web Series: Episode 1

In the premier episode of Mike Posner's web series "One Foot Out The Door", Mike heads back to Duke University for his senior year but before he can even take a breath, he's off to Atlanta for a show at Emory University. Tune in as Mike talks about going back to college with a record deal, what his life will be post-graduation and his upcoming packed itinerary. Tune in October 14th for Episode 2 as Mike rocks a show at Duke with Wale and heads to Virginia Tech with superproducer/partner-in-crime Benny Blanco.

I really hope that that song playing in the intro is on Mike Posner's new mixtape. I love it already! And I also really love "Mirror's Edge" simply because of how Mike's voice sounds in it. Mike Posner's new mixtape will be available for free on iTunes on October 29th. I can't wait!


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