An Open Letter to Soulja Boy

Dear Soulja Boy,

This is not one of those "You are the Anti-Christ of hip hop" letters. I have "Cranked Dat" with the best of them and still get hype every time I hear "Donk" in the club so I'll leave that argument for the more vehement hip hop heads.

This letter is in response to your continuous display of ignorance. After reports that you owe $9,000 worth of rent surfaced on the internet, you made the video above. What does having thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, luggage and a shoe box full of cash have to due with you failing to pay your rent? The reports didn't say "Soulja Boy didn't pay his rent because he is broke as hell!". Get your priorities together, dude.

What irks me the most about you is the fact that since you are only 19, kids look up to you. I have a niece, nephew and cousin who love every stupid thing you do. When you debuted that ridiculous looking hairstyle, kids across the country wanted to look stupid right along with you! Whether you like it or not, you are a role model. Yet, I look at you on UStream and you're smoking weed for the world to see! You have a series on YouTube called "Rich Nigga Sh*t" highlighting all the pointless stuff you've wasted your money on, like that extremely useful Lambo chain. You just got arrested for running from the police, but instead of saying something like "Kids, don't do stupid things like run from the police!", you go post a copy of your mug shot with the caption "Even in jail my swag was turnt up." Really really clever, Soulja Boy.

I also couldn't help but noticing you suwooping at the 1:10 mark in your video? Are you a Blood now? Or did you just think it was cool to suwoop so all the kids can start doing it too? God forbid a kid do that in front of the wrong person. SMH.

And then you have the nerve to get angry because you think people choose not to focus on the positive things you do. Umm...hello? You could go out and feed 10,000 homeless people but as soon as you make another one of those "Rich Nigga Sh*t" videos, every good thing you've ever done is negated.

Weren't you talking about looking at colleges one day? Maybe that's a good idea. You need to get your mind right so you won't end up as just another broke rapper who had that song about Superman. Stop being a negative influence on today's youth. The Black community needs to be uplifted, and your "Rich Nigga Shit" and tomfoolery isn't helping the cause. Soulja Boy, you've got to do better!




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I couldn't have said it better myself...

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rhonda said...


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