Battle of the New Videos: Chris Brown vs Rihanna

In what must be a total coincidence, Rihanna and Chris Brown both dropped new videos on the same day! Let's take a look at both of them:

Ok..."Crawl" is a nice song. The cold breath effect was pretty cool, though I expected "Ice Box" to drop after a few seconds. Cassie looked pretty as usual. After watching this video, I am officially sick of seeing R&B singers twirling around in dark alleys as it rains or snows. Are there no other places to dance anymore?? Oh yeah...they can always dance in the desert! But overall, the video is alright. Nothing too memorable but I'm sure Chris Brown fans will love it.

Well...Rihanna definitely gets 5 stars for her acting skills. It is definitely a very dramatic and suspense filled video. Jesse Williams looks nice and grungy. [Note to self: Make him the next Crush of the Day]. The best way I can describe "Russian Roulette" is moving but visually disturbing as well.

After checking out both videos, which do you prefer?


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