Video of the MONTH: Beyonce x Lady Gaga "Video Phone"

Wow. Just wow. I thought Lady Gaga was going to steal the show but Beyonce killed it! The video's colors, the dance section with Beyonce and Lady Gaga, and Beyonce's booty poppin= EPICNESS! I also really liked the intro. Very Kill Billish.

And to anyone who is going to start talking about how Beyonce bit off other artists, please. Beyonce >>>>> Rihanna, Ciara, Keri Hilson, etc. Why would she EVER need to bite off of any of them?!

Are YOU feeling this video? What are your favorite parts?


Samantha said...

What about her biting off Gaga. I see your game Bey!!! Dress up Gaga reeeeeal regular like while you're out here in a flesh colored bra top and sparkel panties. Hmph. Just can't let anyone else have some shine, can you?!?

Also, what's up with the guns? Thinly veiled ejaculation analogy?

Otherwise, I rather like the video. :)

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