The Insomniac Zone's Top 10 Movies of 2009

10. Orphan

Esther, Esther, Esther. Who knew a 9 year old Russian girl could be so terrifying? Orphan is a fun thriller that makes you laugh sometimes and never want to adopt creepy kids from Russia.
Even more terrifying, the actress who played Esther is only 12 in real life!

Notable moments: the "twist" ending

9. New Moon

New Moon was a definite upgrade to Twilight. More polished, better visuals and CGI, and more Taylor Lautner/ Jacob! If the Twilight movies keep getting better and better maybe Breaking Dawn could get nominated for an Oscar! Maybe? Ok, probably not.

Notable moments: Any scene where Taylor Lautner has his shirt off. The chase scene with Victoria and the wolves

8. Coraline

As twisted as Coraline was (it was directed by the same guy as Nightmare Before Christmas), it still managed to be ridiculously cute as well. I'm also pretty sure it was the best 3D movie I've seen thus far.

Notable moments: The risque show Miss Spink and Miss Forcible put on for Coraline

7. Inglourious Basterds

I think we can officially consider Quentin Tarantino a genius now. Inglourious Basterds is intense, violent, funny, barely in English and completely rewrites history as we know it but all of that is what makes the movie enjoyable.

Notable moments: The opening scene, "Once upon a time...In Nazi-Occupied France"

6. Precious

Gritty yet glorious. Heartbreaking but heartwarming at the same time. Just a fine movie all around.

Notable moments: Mo'Nique and Gabourey Sidibe's performances

5. Up

The people at Pixar have mastered the art of creating cartoons that can be thoroughly enjoyed by the kids and can also make grown folks cry. The first ten minutes of Up is a masterpiece, and it doesn't even include dialogue!

Notable moments: The montage of Carl and Ellie's life in the first few minutes

4. Avatar

Avatar was just a really great movie experience. Lots of action, interesting characters, good acting, subtle shots at Republicans and their war on terror plus a creative way of showing the horrors of colonization. I had my doubts at first but good job, James Cameron!

Notable moments: The epic battle between the Sky People and the Navi

3. District 9

I went into District 9 having no idea what to expect but ended up being quite moved by the plight of the aliens forced to live in District 9. The movie has quite a good message balanced by enough action to keep people from getting bored.

Notable moments: Seeing the alien technology in use

2. The Hangover

No movie this year was as surprisingly hilarious as The Hangover. It's just a constant ride of complete tomfoolery and kept me laughing until the credits finished rolling.

Notable moments: Zack Galifiankis's wolfpack speech.

1.(500) Days of Summer

Anyone who has ever been in love with someone and it just didn't end up working out the way you wanted to should love this movie. It's an honest, refreshing take on the romantic comedy genre.

Notable moments: The expectations vs reality scene

Honorable mentions: The Proposal, Zombieland, I Love You Man, Star Trek, Watchmen, 17 Again

Movies that probably should've made the list but I didn't see: Up In the Air, The Hurt Locker, Where the Wilds Things Are, The Road

[Note: Paranormal Activity would have made the list if had managed to scare me even a little bit...but it didn't. Oh well.]

What were YOUR favorite movies of 2009? Do share!


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