The 2010 Grammy Awards Roundup

This year's Grammys were a little bit too meh for me to really do my usual Highs, Lows, and WTFs post...so I'm just going to share some commentary and a few moments that I enjoyed.

You can still replay the live blog that I did for the awards right here.

1. Ciara, girl. You are really going off the deep end. You need to start spending less time on these red carpets looking a mess and more time in the studio trying to make an album that doesn't flop.

2. The Black Eyed Peas performances are always really fun and energetic and this was no exception. You know what could have really taken their performance to the next level though? Some good ol' fist pumping from the Jersey Shore cast.

3. I loved Jay-Z and Rihanna's acceptance speech for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. Julez is just too adorable. "No thanks."

4. It's still so crazy to me that Beyonce has won so many awards yet she still gets nervous when she has to make acceptance speeches. But I think when she said she loved her husband might have been my favorite moment of the entire award show. It was so touching!

What were your favorite (or least favorite) moments of this year's Grammys? Do share.


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