An Open Letter to Chris Brown

Dear Chris Brown,

Please stop with the whole "woe is me" thing you STILL have going on. I don't want to see you looking like you are one step away from crying in your photo shoot. I don't want to listen to messages where you're begging people to call into the radio stations to play your music and I don't want to see you ranting on Twitter about how 2 Walmart stores didn't have any of your CDs.

It's 2010 and pretty much everyone is over you beating Rihanna down. She's definitely moved on and is busy riding zebras and Matt Kemp to the bank, yet you're still the one trying to get people to feel sorry for you! Doesn't that seem a little backwards?

Chris, you're a talented dude. You're good looking and you can dance. In My Zone was a pretty good mixtape. Maybe next time it might make more sense to not put out a free mixtape while you still have an album you're supposed to be pushing, but that's neither here nor there. Make good music and the people will forgive. Have you not learned anything from R. Kelly?

So the next time you want to take a picture like this...

Or like this:

Just take a deep breath and smile! Playing the victim can only take you so far.




1987productions said...

hahah jokes!

1987productions said...

hahah jokes!

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