Burning Questions: Diddy's VIBE Cover

1. Why does Diddy insist on wearing that grill? Does he think it makes him look more gangster?

2. Why is Cassie in the front instead of Janelle Monae when Janelle Monae is the one with an album out right now and Cassie hasn't dropped one since 2006?

2b. Is Electro Love ever coming out?

3. Are Dawn and that other girl required to have the same hair cut?

3b. Does anyone else ever feel a little sorry for Dawn having to resort to being Diddy's background singer?

4. Where's Nicki Minaj?

4. When did Birdman get the star tattoo removed from his head?


Anonymous said...

thats not birdman lol


MizzBlaze said...


MizzBlaze said...


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