Bei Maejor's "Upside Down" Album

You might have heard of Bei Maejor from the work he's done producing for artists such as Trey Songz, Letoya Luckett, Bun B, Ne-Yo and a plethora of other well known acts. You also might recognize his voice from the chorus of Plies only slightly annoying song, "She Got It Made". But  now the producer/songwriter from Detroit, who recently signed to Jive as an artist, has released his own solo project, Upside Down.

Bei Maejor reminds me of The-Dream a bit. They both are producers/songwriters turned singer. Both have the ability to create catchy songs. And they both have rather high, unique voices. Upside Down is a nice showcase of what Bei Maejor can do and his future potential as a pop/R&B artist. Stand out tracks include: "End of the Night", "Kisses in the VP", and "Boxers".

Bei Maejor does rely a lot on Auto-Tune throughout most of the album so he probably won't be getting Jay-Z's seal of approval any time soon (although there is a T-Pain feature on the album). And I've always found it hard to take any singer trying to rap seriously. Other than that, I am definitely curious to see how Bei Maejor's singing career turns out! So far, it looks promising.

DOWNLOAD: Bei Maejor: Upside Down


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