The Highs, Lows, and WTFs Of the 2010 MTV VMAs

I usually give a nice little break down of the Highs, Lows and WTF moments from award shows but if you tuned into yesterday's VMAs, you probably realized it was all just one complete flatline of boredom.  But to sum it up really quickly:

- Eminem rapped angrily while Rihanna took a surprise break from filming that sure to be terrible movie, Battleship, to sing along with him.

- Chelsea Handler wasn't that funny. She probably should have hit the bottle before the show started.

- Some other stuff happened that was so unexciting I don't actually remember what it was.

- Justin Bieber showed why everyone is slowly being converted into a Belieber. Or did he?

- Usher glided around the stage.

But wait! There's more...

- Florence and the Machine did a really great job singing LIVE (remember when artists used to do that?).  Definitely take a listen to Lungs if you get a chance.

- Taylor Swift sung some kind of exoneration song about that time Kanye West ran up on stage and socked her in the jaw...oh wait. No. He actually only snatched the mic from her. Big difference. (#KanyeShrug). Anyway, Taylor might wanna just stick to singing songs about being 15 or whatever. She should also just GTF over it already.

- Mary J. Blige stole the show from Drake. And he looked so nice too, what a shame. Swizz Beatz discovered that he can indeed fit into his son's clothes.

- B.o.B. performed that really really annoying "Airplanes" song. Hayley Williams Paramore rocked.

- Linkin Park rocked.

- Lady Gaga and Eminem won every award.

- The anticipation of what Kanye was going to do might actually been a little better than the performance but it was still good.

P.S. You can download the CDQ mp3 of "Runaway" right here!

And yeah. That was it. I wonder if Lil Mama got invited this year...


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