New Music From Rihanna and Willow Smith

Rihanna is done with her moody, Rated R period. Now it's time to get Loud. "Only Girl" is the first single off her next album due out in stores this November.  Get your glow sticks out. (It seems like Rated R just came out!)

DOWNLOAD: Rihanna- Only Girl

Check out the jump to hear something even better than "Only Girl"...

And here comes little 9 year old Willow Smith with her debut song, "Whip My Hair" and what a debut it is! It's been reported that she has peaked the interests of Jay-Z and his Roc Nation label so Willow might have a very promising future in the music industry.

DOWNLOAD: Willow Smith "Whip My Hair"

P.S. Hey Ciara! Are you out there?? You might wanna take notes from Willow here. "Whip My Hair" is better than anything you've put out since 2004.


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